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Your Best Abs Are Ahead Of You

About Karon Karter

Your Best Abs Are Ahead of You

KKaron Karter has taught Pilates in the Park Cities for twenty-years,improving the lives of thousands. She has worked with marathon runners at Lukes’Locker and The Highland Park Belles. She specializes in injury prevention and
recovery; for example, hip, back or a long-term illness like Multiple Sclerosis. Sheis the author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Pilates and she hosts, “Pilates Fromthe Inside Out,” which airs around the world. You can find her at her at her Preston Center Pilates studio teaching privates lessons.

Karon Karter is the author of nine health and fitness books.

The Ultimate Body Shaping Bible

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life with Targeted Workouts That Tone and Tighten Everything. Buy Here!

The Six-Week Bikini Countdown

Tone your Butt, Abs, and Thighs Fast – Combining Pilates with Select Strength and Cardio Interval Training Workouts. Now available in bookstores nationwide. Buy Here!

Balance Training

Stability Workouts for Core Strength and a Sculpted Body. Balance training—or working out on unstable surfaces like the BOSU, ball and core board—forces you to use the deep, inner muscles that other workouts miss. These are the muscles that make you look sleek, toned and sexy. Whether exercising on the mat at home or working on a balance tool at the gym, Balance Training will help you dramatically sculpt your legs, butt and stomach while improving overall strength and posture. Your core and foundational muscles will never be weak and flabby again. This book takes balance training to the next level, providing the benefits of yoga and Pilates as well as strength and core training—all in one easy-to-follow program. Buy Here!

Pilates Lite

Always wanted to try Pilates but thought it was too hard? Think again! Karon Karter has developed a form of Pilates that even beginners can master to firm up and get fit. Based on her successful Dallas classes of the same name, Pilates Lite shows readers how to burn fat and tone their core muscles with simple Pilates moves. Illustrated in lavish full-color throughout, this book is the perfect introduction to Pilates. Sold in five languages. Buy Here!

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Body Ball Illustrated

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Body Ball Fitness Illustrated is just the thing to introduce readers of all fitness levels to the latest fitness craze. The stability ball keeps workouts fun and interesting while challenging the body. Karon Karter draws upon her experience as a Pilates instructor to introduce dozens of illustrated exercises that help tighten and tone the body while jazzing up balance and strength training using the stability ball. Buy Here!

The Core Strength Workout

The perennially popular yoga, ballet and pilates all owe their success to what has become the latest buzzword in fitness: Core Strength. Core strength refers to the torso muscles – from the glutes and abs to the back and neck – those muscles that literally keep you standing tall, strong and erect. Athletes and dancers have always understood the importance of core strength, and as our population ages everyone is beginning to herald workouts that concentrate on these all-essential muscle groups. After years of relying on yoga, pilates, ballet and various combinations thereof to work these muscles, the fitness industry is now developing routines strictly for Core Strength. This is the fitness trend of the decade. Buy Here! 

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pilates

This book teaches the basics of the Pilates method of fitness, a whole body workout that strengthens the abs and back and straightens the posture. Practiced worldwide by dance companies, physical therapists, and health clubs, the method is especially good for pregnant women, for people who have special fitness needs because of chronic back pain, joint stress, or obesity, and for anyone wishing to prevent osteoporosis. Buy Here!

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Kickboxing

With The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Kickboxing, there’s a new way to get the body sweating. This guide covers the ancient art and modern kickboxing, Kickboxing gear, and how to build leaner legs and a better butt. Learn power punches–cross, hook, upper cut, overhand, as well as the spinning back fist, stabs and slashes. Idiot-proof steps guide you through footwork, target practice, and stretches, allowing you to tailor beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts. Covers every level in the ring–lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight, super heavyweight. Buy Here!

Please visit Karon at her studio Karon Karter Pilates in Dallas, Texas.

Fitness Author, Karon Karter, speaks on her Philosophy:


What you think is what you feel, and what you feel is what you radiate through the gift of living your best, dare I say, sexier life — and what woman wouldn’t want that! I happen to know a lot about changing women’s bodies. Each week, I teach Pilates and toning classes to 75-plus students (mostly women). My number one goal is for them to walk out of class feeling better than when they arrived — and taking that “feel-good” feeling with them throughout their day. Of course, I do this by telling them exactly how to get stronger and slimmer bodies. Strong bodies are beautiful — no matter your size, shape or age — and I strongly feel that when you do something good for your body, you just feel good.


Here’s what I know: If I don’t work out (and I must workout and eat right to maintain my shape), I feel blah. I don’t necessarily look any different in the mirror, but I emotionally feel bad like my jeans are too tight or I have a bulging belly. So working out keeps me emotionally confident and that confidence stays with me all day. I can go about my day and not worry about how I look because I know that I’m taking care of my body.


The truth is a hot and healthy body requires commitment, but most of all it takes inside information on how to transform those womanly areas with visible results. And that’s where I come in. Do something wonderful for you and I promise you’ll feel better about your body and that’s what motivates me everyday to write, teach and come up with new exercises — to build a stronger and healthier you along with an attitude of modern day sassy femme fatale!

Karon Karter, Featured On Oprah

Karon Karter submitted her “I don’t need a man, I need a body plan” TV show pitch for Oprah’s Your Own Show: Oprah’s Search For the Next TV Star. Click here to read the article in the Dallas Morning News.